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This is pricing structure from 1st September 2022 

730am - 1pm 1pm - 6pm 730am - 6pm
          £28.00 £28.00 £52.00

ADDITIONAL HOURLY RATE: £10 PER HOUR WHERE SPACE ALLOWS                                                                                                                                                                                                  

  • Included in Fees: Lunch & snacks are included in the above sessions as are nappies & wipes.
  • Discounts: Siblings 5% discount for eldest child if attending 2 or more days and not funded.  
  • Registration Fee: £75 cash is due to confirm a place (NOTE: this is non refundable)
  • Nursery Closure: We are only closed for 7 days in the year – Christmas and New Year (7 nursery days), hence average fee charged over 51 weeks.
  • Failure to pay : Failure to pay nursery fees in the first week of the month may result in the loss of childcare provision.
  • Extra sessions: To be paid on the day to the admin office.  Can only be offered if spaces allow.
  • Please note : all absences must be paid for. All fees are paid monthly in advance. One month’s notice or payment in lieu is required if you decide to leave the nursery.
  • Payment: Fees are to be paid by monthly standing order instalments on the 1st of each month for 51 weeks of the year.
  • Fees Due: To Calculate fees due multiply weekly fee x 51 wweeks / 12 mnths.  Note nursery fees are based on sessions booked not attended.


Pre-School Funding

Little Hawthorn have a partnership agreement with Midlothian Council to provide pre-school education. This entitles your child to a funded place for a minimum of two sessions and a maximum of 5 per week. Funding commences the first term after your child’s 3rd birthday. 

 600 hours of Council Partnership Pre-School Funding is payable over 3 terms in the Midlothian Council academic year. We pay 100% of Council Pre-School Funding to you.  Please

  • The council reviews eligibility of pre-school funding on a termly basis, based on your application. It is not guaranteed you will automatically receive funding each term.
  • These values are dependent on the actual sessions attended by your child.
  • We can only pay you the amount received on your behalf from the Council.
  • Any alteration will be communicated to you as soon as we hear from the Council